Using VirtualBox for OCS R2 Test Bed

Just a quick entry to talk about VirtualBox. I am currently building an OCS R2 test environment at home and I wanted to keep my Windows 7 home box in tact without reloading it with Windows 2008 to get hyper-V features. One problem. Windows Virtual PC doesn’t support 64bit guest OS’s. Bummer. So looking around I discovered VirtualBox from Sun. An open source free virtualization tool. It seems to work well in Windows 7 and has allowed me to build 64 bit guest OS’s to build my OCS R2 test environment. A great way to keep the advantages of Windows 7 and build my virtual environment for testing.

Originally I was going to use VMware player but come across a snag when it stopped my Windows Live Messenger video from working. Last issue now is how can I build a virtual CUCM platform when it only supports VMware drivers. My quest continues….

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