About Me

My name is Chris Norman. I am a Technical Solutions Architect - Collaboration At Cisco Systems. I have been working in the IT industry for 20 years from a humble beginning in the Royal Australian Air Force to working from some of the largest Companies in the world. Today my focus is on engineering pre-sales and helping customers reach their goals with collaboration.

I moved to US in 2005 after an international exchange program with my former employer. Luckily for me the exchange became permanent. I began working on Unified Communication’s about 8 years ago when I was trying to provide a demo environment of the latest and greatest technologies for company executives at a large aerospace company. This grew and in 2007 we launched a 300 person pilot which today is heading towards 10000 users on Microsoft/Cisco Unified Communications as part of full production environment. Although I no longer work there I still feel great pride in taking those first steps and working with a great team.

In 2009 I moved to Microsoft where I focused on Lync and customer deployments in the Pacific Northwest. You may notice that much of my older content is focused on Lync/OCS because of this. Mid 2013 I moved to Cisco Systems and now although I am more focused on Cisco's UC products I will keep updating my blog with new Cisco/Microsoft interop content as time allows.

Why VoIPNorm?

I started VoIPNorm as a way to help me earn a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for community contributions to IT. The blog along with continued contribution to forums and user groups lead to MVP in 2009 for OCS. The blog has really become much more. Not only is it a place to store information I may otherwise forget it also has given me a chance to collaborate with people I may not have had a chance to get to know.

Comments and Feedback

I am always looking for ways to improve VoIPNorm and your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Whether you think the format could be improved or you are after information on a particular topic please let me know.


If you ever feel the need to thank me please donate to my favorite charity Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue. They rescue dogs from shelters and stressful situations that may otherwise be put down. You can find them on Facebook here:


Thanks for Following VoIPNorm

I have a great sense of pride having been able to work for two of the leading UC vendors in the communications industry and my commitment is to always help those that ask. Thanks for reading about me and following VoIPNorm.