Cisco Telepresence CapsetFilter Setting - Disabling H.239/BFCP

This is a not very well known setting going by how long it took me to find. The CapsetFilter setting available in TE and CE firmware on Cisco Telepresence endpoints can be used to change the layout of streamed content and video channels. Most modern video experiences call for separate video and content channels to allow local video layout customization and better content resolution. But what if you want content and video in the main video stream. This is negotiated usually but if you need to force this behavior CapsetFilter setting is how you do it. Disabling H.239/BFCP will force content and video into the main video stream.

Either SSH or using the web interface into the codec:

Disable H.239/BFCP using xCommand:
xConfiguration Experimental CapsetFilter: "H.239Ctrl"

Admin interface: