Introducing Stormy the Cisco Spark Weather Bot!

If you want your daily forecast delivered to your Cisco Spark Space this might be the bot your looking for.

I have been working on Stormy for the last month and its been a fun little project but I now believe its time to release Stormy into the wild. While Stormy is not terribly sophisticated he does deliver the weather daily with access to over 200,000 cities world wide. Thanks to Stormy has access to your favorite cites.
Now, I don't believe for a second Stormy is about to change the world but its one of those handy bots that you can use to get your daily forecast delivered or as the example above shows simply ask a quick weather question. He knows no math, nor can he create a meme but he knows weather!
I am currently in the final testing stages for Stormy if you would like to try it out before it goes into the depot. Just search for Stormy inside of Spark and add it to a Spark Space or add to a conversation. He is simple to setup and just requires you to provide a city using the /city command. If you are in a Space versus a 1:1 make sure to @ mention Stormy to set your city or chat with him. See below for setting the city in a Spark Space:
If you would prefer to see temperatures in Celsius use the /unit command to update your room settings to metric. To change it back to fahrenheit use the same command with the imperial key word. The city and unit settings are on a per Space basis so if you want daily forecasts for multiple cities you can create a team and add Stormy to rooms for each city you want to see a forecast for.

This is version 1.0 of Stormy so please feel free to request features or make comments here on the blog or use the /feedback command in a room with Stormy to provide feedback. He will from time to time be unavailable for questions as I work out the final kinks (nice way to say bugs) but that should be limited.

 In future blogs I will talk more about what makes Stormy tick.