Deploying Lync Jump Start Video Series

This is basically a three day course captured in videos. This is a great resource that folks can consume at their own pace.

Text from the Next Hop Site:

"Check out this three-day course on Lync Server 2010 Configuration and Administration, which Brian R. Ricks and Aaron Steele presented to a worldwide audience of over 500 participants. This 18-part series covers all major Lync Server features and configurations, which will help students prepare for the MC-TS 70-664 exam. During each session, a unique configuration and administration is discussed and presented.

A number of people answered participant’s questions during the original live stream. Some of those questions are presented during these sessions.

The largest challenge in the original course was for the presenters working within their demo labs. If you prefer to interact with the labs or require hands-on work with the product, you may want to engage with a training partner in your area. Although the course is modeled after instructor-led courses, it lacks the hands-on, student lab work that is typical of these courses."

This is really great content. Check it out.


IM and Presence The New Dial Tone?

When I see proclamations that “IM and Presence is the new dial tone” it makes me wonder who’s been living under a rock since the early 2000’s.  I went back through some of the earlier PPT’s in the Microsoft archives and found these starting at 2006 (there may be older I am sure,LCS predates 2006). 6 years later and some companies still don’t realize that UC isn't just about technology but the people and the experience they have. Presence lays the foundation because it’s the first visual queue you have when initiating communications from a device.

So there is nothing new about laying the foundation with presence and I struggle with the correlation to dial tone. Dial tone is neither visual or foundational but rather a function of a legacy way of thinking. Which tells me that either in 2006  some people where way ahead of their time or in 2012 some are way behind.










Lync Recording Default Directory

Ever wondered where the default recording directory Registry setting for Lync Recording is held? Well here it is.



There are two settings. First is the default recording directory (Root) and also the publishing directory (Export). Both held under the same Key area.


Forefront Security for Lync 2010

In case you missed this or were confused about some of the tweets that have been going around Forefront now supports Lync 2010. The KB article calls out OCS in the title but in the verbiage includes Lync 2010. I know some folks have been waiting on this so its good to see its now available.
Features of the hotfix rollup
Hotfix Rollup 4 allows FSOCS to be installed on Lync 2010 (running on Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 2008 SP2 x64) in addition to Office Communications Server 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007 R2. As the feature set and patch level are the same as RU3, customers who have already deployed RU3 can update but are not required to do so.