Does anyone pay attention to blogs any more?

 As I sit in my own blog waste land I often wonder if anyone actually actively follows blogs any more. Seems like social media has killed blogging altogether and unless its splashed across a 100 social media channels no one seems to care. Could I be wrong? I still read blogs. My fitness trainer has a blog I regularly read, hes awesome BTW. I still visit the occasional blog site. Or am I just to old to know the art of blogging is long lost. Is anyone actually paying attention any more or has everyone moved on to the 150(or what ever it is) character space of Twitter?

As I sit here writing this blog post, its not lost on me that I have not posted on my own blog in close to 12 months. What was once a creative outlet for me, lost its luster. As much as I tried to revive my interest with "where have I been posts", it was short lived and my interest faded back to the 150 character space of my favorite social media platform leaving others to continue the art of blogging in my steed.

I long for the days of writing a well formed post, reviling in the comments, when I got one that wasn't spam. I don't know that there many blog sites that are possibly as long lived as this site albeit its now covered in digital dust and virtual cobwebs.

Is it time to remove the dust cover and start a new? Imagine pulling back that old sheet and seeing the virtual 1's and 0's fly off like dust in the sunlight. Maybe its just the topics that wore me down I am not sure. The churn in the IT industry is constant. I am part of that churn lost in its digital waste. A life spent in front of a computer pondering who comes out with the next feature that will turn the sales tide. Will it be us or them. Its constant and relentless. Technology will save us all or be the death of us all, I am not sure which it is. In the meantime my eyesight gets worse with the constant strain of looking at a screen less than 2 feet from my face for the last 24 years 8+ hours a day. Feels like a lifetime of energy that could have been better spent.

I was going to rant about something just now, but I moved on. Wait, this whole post is a rant. Is it whole or hole, hmm wish I had paid more attention in high school English. My teacher did try for what its worth but like I am today I am in a constant state of distraction. There was no social media back then so I can't always blame Facebook for my lack of focus.

If you have come this far, you have done well. I am not sure I would have read this far myself.........I had to pause to say happy birthday to someone I hardly know on LinkedIn. Back to ranting. Where do I go and what do I do. I need to rest my mind to decide......Had to post an upcoming event in a chat space. No rest for the IT worker.

Maybe the outlet of writing this post is the outlet I have been looking for. Seems everyone wants to rant these days. Why not me. Seems a little self indulgent, sure, but why not. I am old now and aren't old people supposed to rant about the "good old days".  Look at Joe Rogan, he rants and gets paid a 100 million to do it. If you think hes not just one big long rant, there's only one person your fooling.

If I decide to continue or not with the blog, I will leave the content here. Its my legacy, my digital footprint I leave on the world or at least until Google says it can stay. This may or may not be my last post ever here, I can't say for sure but what I will say is this, thanks for reading my work if you ever have. If you have ever used any of the information I have posted here to help with an IT issue of some sort, I am glad that it was of service.

This is not the end of me if your getting all worried that this is a death note or something. Its not that. Its more of I am moving on and didn't want the blog to end with just months of nothingness beyond what it is now. This is a period to the end of the sentence which is this blog. If I do post here again its because I felt like it was bringing purpose to what I do more than an obligation to put something out there. I would like to think I never did this for clicks or likes or a following but if I am being real that's not true. The blog has brought me some notoriety in small circles which my ego enjoyed to be sure but it is time to close this chapter and give my ego a rest. 

When I started writing this post I never figured I was going to be possibly writing my last post here but that's what it is. The title to this post should have been "Is anyone paying attention to my blog any more?".  I know the answer. I don't like the answer but it is what it is when you allow so much dust to accumulate on your digital crap.

So I end here, with my digital crap piled up in a virtual box about to be put on a VR shelf and I say thanks for reading #seeYouOnTwitter.


CE-Deploy Training Videos

In an effort to help engineers using CE-Deploy get up to speed faster, I am creating new training videos. They are short but hopefully helpful. 

In a recent survey on CED usage, xAPI deployment was by far the most popular function being used with CE-Deploy. Bulk deployment of shell commands to endpoints has always been a pain for engineers.  If you didn't know how to write a script you had to rely on Putty or some other method to bulk deploy commands to Cisco Room Systems. The video below highlights how CE-Deploy can help perform this function for both cloud and on-premise registered endpoints.

The Macro Factory is a newer feature in CE-Deploy and has proven to be hugely popular. Up until now organizing macro's deployed to endpoints was done on a per endpoint basis. Getting a macro deployed was the easy part but now you have to manage that across multiple endpoints. The Macro Factory helps solve that issue. By giving you a dashboard view of all your endpoints it helps make managing the macro footprint easier. The video below covers some of the basics in using the Macro Factory for cloud and on-premise endpoints.

On average users reported saving 10 hours a week by using CE-Deploy. If you are involved with deploying Cisco room systems CE-Deploy might just help you to.


Getting Started with CE-Deploy

 First drop in a training video series I am currently working on to help engineers get up and running with CE-Deploy. If your a video engineer working with Webex Room Series this video is for you.


CE-Deploy(CED) 6.1.0 for Deploying Cisco Video Endpoints

 It has been a while since I last posted. I have been busy building out CE-Deploy to make it bigger and better than ever. Last time I posted an update version 3 had just released to help deploy wallpapers and macros.