CE-Deploy Training Videos

In an effort to help engineers using CE-Deploy get up to speed faster, I am creating new training videos. They are short but hopefully helpful. 

In a recent survey on CED usage, xAPI deployment was by far the most popular function being used with CE-Deploy. Bulk deployment of shell commands to endpoints has always been a pain for engineers.  If you didn't know how to write a script you had to rely on Putty or some other method to bulk deploy commands to Cisco Room Systems. The video below highlights how CE-Deploy can help perform this function for both cloud and on-premise registered endpoints.

The Macro Factory is a newer feature in CE-Deploy and has proven to be hugely popular. Up until now organizing macro's deployed to endpoints was done on a per endpoint basis. Getting a macro deployed was the easy part but now you have to manage that across multiple endpoints. The Macro Factory helps solve that issue. By giving you a dashboard view of all your endpoints it helps make managing the macro footprint easier. The video below covers some of the basics in using the Macro Factory for cloud and on-premise endpoints.

On average users reported saving 10 hours a week by using CE-Deploy. If you are involved with deploying Cisco room systems CE-Deploy might just help you to.


Getting Started with CE-Deploy

 First drop in a training video series I am currently working on to help engineers get up and running with CE-Deploy. If your a video engineer working with Webex Room Series this video is for you.


CE-Deploy(CED) 6.1.0 for Deploying Cisco Video Endpoints

 It has been a while since I last posted. I have been busy building out CE-Deploy to make it bigger and better than ever. Last time I posted an update version 3 had just released to help deploy wallpapers and macros.