Adding Ext attribute to bulk users with PowerShell

Ever had the need to bulk modify users Tel URI and add the “;ext=” attribute with the extension. Well here is a PowerSHell command to do just that.

get-csuser | ? {$_.lineuri} | ? {$_.lineuri -notlike "*;ext=*" } | % {$newlineuri = $_.lineuri + ';ext=' + $_.lineuri.substring($_.lineuri.length - 4); set-csuser $_.identity -lineuri $newlineuri}

That’s one line in PowerShell. It will get all the users in Lync that have a line URI set but where that line URI does not already have the “;ext=” syntax in it. Then, it will take the last four digits of the user’s line URI and use that to set a new line URI that has “;ext=XXXX” appended. (If you want to change the length of the extension, change the 4 to something else.)

Be careful with this command. It “should” be pretty safe. We can’t completely promise that suddenly adding “;ext=XXXX” to everyone’s line URI won’t cause an unexpected issue. Make sure to test in a lab first.

Thanks to Doug Lawty for the command and explanation of its use.


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Chris Norman (that’s me), Lync Technical Solution Professional, Microsoft

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