IM and Presence The New Dial Tone?

When I see proclamations that “IM and Presence is the new dial tone” it makes me wonder who’s been living under a rock since the early 2000’s.  I went back through some of the earlier PPT’s in the Microsoft archives and found these starting at 2006 (there may be older I am sure,LCS predates 2006). 6 years later and some companies still don’t realize that UC isn't just about technology but the people and the experience they have. Presence lays the foundation because it’s the first visual queue you have when initiating communications from a device.

So there is nothing new about laying the foundation with presence and I struggle with the correlation to dial tone. Dial tone is neither visual or foundational but rather a function of a legacy way of thinking. Which tells me that either in 2006  some people where way ahead of their time or in 2012 some are way behind.










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