My Favorite OC Compatible Devices

I have been testing OC compatible devices for quite some time and in my new position at Microsoft I get the chance to use demo devices on a regular basis. So I have pretty much used or tested nearly every device available. These are a few of my favorites:

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC - In my opinion probably the best USB Bluetooth wireless headset on the market right now that is OC certified. Wireless range is pretty good but not as good as some DECT headsets I have tried but still pretty good. Voice quality and everything else about this headset is pretty solid. It can also be paired with your cell phone but this isn’t something I have tried. Very portable and compact.

Plantronics MCD100-M USB Speakerphone – This is a nice piece of equipment that I use quite often. A solid device that has a 360 degree microphone. Although the shape seems a bit awkward to fit in a computer bag it is indestructible to travel. It goes with me everywhere and is a great device.

Jabra BIZ 2400 – This is my favorite wired headset but it does come with a higher price tag. Nearly indestructible, this device is probably one of the best made devices out there. Great for call center workers or high use workers that spend all day with a headset on.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema – A solid HD camera without the high price tag. Even though it is HD compatible for Communicator you are going to need a pretty beefy quad core machine to enable HD. The picture quality without HD is still great and it is a solid device that can travel pretty well.

Polycom CX100 – another conferencing phone and a great item for travelers that is slim for the computer bag and solid construction. Voice quality is good and like the Plantronics device, under $100.

Two devices I haven’t had a chance to test but really want to:

Polycom CX300 – This is a USB device that a lot of enterprise customer have been asking about, for one reason. A dial pad. I haven’t had my chance to get my hands on one but when I do I will post my experience.

Jabra PRO 9400 - This device is a multitasking headset with base station that can control a softphone or cell phone simultaneously. Has a nice look with a touch screen display. Coolness factor is way up there. Hopefully I can see one in the flesh really soon.

The list of compatible hardware just keeps growing and the quality improving while the prices are coming down. Sub $50 dollar certified headsets are now available from Plantronics and Jabra giving companies’ great competitive choices.


  1. Suggest you check out the ClearOne CHAT 70 and CHAT 170 which are superb and blow the Polycom CX100 out of the water any day.

    The CX300 is an excellent device. Very good call quality, dial pad, two-row LCD screen and 1/3 of the price of a CX700 Tanjay.

  2. Great feedback. I have been meaning to tryout the Clearone devices. I have seen a couple but not had the chance to really play with them. The only issue I see with them is hard edges and corners in a laptop bag but certainly look like they would be a good audio device.

    I have heard nothing but good things about the CX300. Thanks for the info on the device.


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