Happy Holidays from the staff at VoIPNorm

Okay, so when I say staff I mean me. I thought I would finish off the year with my top five most useful blogs I have used or seen this year. This is a based on my biases and perception on how much useful information I think I obtained or is on the blog.

VoIPNorms TOP 5 UC blogs for 2009

5. Unified Communications Group Team Blog – This is Microsoft centric blog but loads of useful information from member of the OCS product group.

4. DTMF – Doug Lawty is a MCS consultant with great OCS voice experience. He has some great information on his blog that is well written. He would have been higher on the list but we need Doug to contribute more often to his blog.

3. Matt McGillen’s blog – Another consultant that has a great perspective on getting things done and working through the issues.

2.UCspotting – Rui Silva is a UC TSP at Microsoft and has a great blog worth checking out. What he doesn’t know about OCS isn’t worth knowing.

1. VoIPNorm – What else did you expect me to say. I said it was based on my biases :)

Anyway, thanks to everyone that has contributed to the content, commented or read the blog this year. Look for more articles on interop, OCS, Wave 14, competitions and a whole bunch of other stuff in 2010.

If you have a blog you think is list worthy please let me know. Leave a comment or email me at voipnorm@live.com.

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