Important Updates to the OCS Open Interoperability Program: Avaya and Verizon

Besides the format change to make it easier to read, the OIP certification page has had two important updates. First is the edition of Verizon as a certified SIP trunking service provider and second is the addition of Avaya as a supported IP-PBX with the use of the Communications Manager SIP Enablement Server. The software version tested is 4.0 which does carry some known limitations but some of these are resolved with 5.x. See below

Known Limitations:
Configuration requires setting "Alternate Route Timer(sec)" value from default of 10 sec to 30 sec. The configuration should show "Alternate Route Timer(sec): 30" in the corresponding SIP signaling group.

When an call is ringing to the Office Communicator user, the caller (either on an Avaya station or a PSTN line routed through the PBX) will not get ring back tone. This issue has been resolved by Avaya with the 5.x software releases.

Quality of Experience reports will not contain information regarding jitter and packet loss.

Comfort noise generation is not supported. As a result, comfort noise is not played on Office Communicator.

ISDN Failover is not supported from an OCS perspective. If the Avaya PBX is being used for PSTN connectivity and multiple T1's are being utilized, an OC client will not retry a call based on a T1 being unavailable. It may be possible to configure the Avaya to not assign outbound calls from OCS to an unavailable T1, but this configuration was not tested.

Look for more posts on Avaya interop coming soon.

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