Review- Savi Office WO201 Wireless Headset System

This is my first review for 2010. I was recently using the Savi Office at my previous job but had to give it up when I left my position to work for Microsoft. Well this week I had the fortune to get a new one. I say fortune because I really like this device. At my home work station I am lucky enough to have Tanjay (OC phone edition) along with Communicator on my PC so really the best of both worlds and the Savi office is a great compliment to my setup. I have my Tanjay setup for phone control and the Savi Office has a normal telephone jack along with USB to use with Communicator on the PC.

To write the review I set up the Savi Office plugged into my PC and desk phone just to go through all the features. One thing I did find is that the PerSono Call software was really a requirement in this situation to make sure that I could setup the Savi Office base station to my liking. Although if I had just plugged it into the PC only it would have been fine and I dare say the PerSono Call software wouldn’t have been required.

Windows 7 detected the Savi Office no problems and it worked well without issues. As I had said this is a device I had used before and from experience the sound quality is great. This is a DECT device so it has a good range of about 350ft so not quite enough to make it to my mailbox but pretty close. The headset controls are pretty easy to work out with the up and down volume buttons being multifunction. For base station device selection for up and mute being the down volume button.

The ear piece design I received is very similar to that of the Voyager UC which I talked about in my favorite devices entry. Extremely comfortable and you forget you have it on after a while.

If anyone is to have an issue with this device it would be the price. It is in the high end at $375 retail but it is also a very high quality and comparable to other headsets of this type currently on the market. If you can justify the price it is a great office headset.


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