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I keep a pretty good track of what’s being viewed on the blog and the most viewed topics. There is a good mix of topics that are the most popular but the ones below even though some have been on the blog for quite a while keep coming to the top.

The first post has been at the top and stayed at the top since I first published it. Communicator integration with third party VoIP applications is a topic that continues to be of intense interest as more company’s release these types of plugins. Writen in collaberation with other Microsoft technical experts this is one of the few blog posts out there that go into this kind of detail around replacing native features of Communicator.


This next post is more technical in nature and is a quick post about lighting up the MWI feature in Exchange 2010 when integrating with Cisco UCM 5.x and beyond.

While at my previous position I wrote a few articles on CUCiMOC that just keep creeping to the top of my most popular posts. The first is related to installing and configuration experience. CUCiMOC either has a lot of interest out there or not very clear documentation for installation because folks keep coming back.

The second article about CUCiMOC that has kept coming up is more a conversational piece on some of the things to consider with CUCiMOC. This was close to first release of the product and not to much was known on the how to as far as integration goes. Still an interesting look back at first impressions.

This last one is bug related with Cisco MS interoperability and ISR gateways. Although it hits the top of my list there is a related post that will help with this issues below the first link that people seem to miss.



I hope this has been informative and helpful. Sometimes getting to older posts that are important and helpful can be hard as search engines don’t always pickup on key words.


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