My Favorite Things for 2010

Just like Oprah, I to have a list of my favorite things. There are a few exceptions, I don’t have a screaming manic audience and I am not going to give away everything in my list. Last year about his time I came out with my favorite OC compatible devices. This year I am going to expand my list a little beyond Lync certified devices.

CX600 – Although Polycom and Aastra have comparable products I still have an inkling towards Polycom because of other areas they have to offer along with the CX range of devices. Not to say that Aastra hasn’t got a good product with 6725ip which it has, my personal preference is the CX600. One thing that has worked well in my opinion with the integration to Lync is USB tethering for both vendors. In reality I can live without a desk phone, but now that I have one (several actually) I really like the ability to use it integrated with Lync.

CX300 – Polycom hit a home run with this device which was also available from Plantronics. So not only a great USB device but some choice on where to get it. A great option for users that want a USB handset device to get more comfortable with Lync. Polycom got the nod this time just for being the first to offer it and a big involvement in the development.

Kinect – Not really a UC product (yet) but I love my Kinect all the same. Two things I am waiting on though are more game titles and the release of the Xbox 360 interoperability with Lync. The future of Kinect seems endless with what’s coming out of the open source community right now and whether Microsoft likes it or not it’s already gone way beyond the Xbox.

Polycom HDX – In my opinion the HDX has by far one of the best Lync interoperability stories for a video end device on the market right now. Mike talks about the HDX interop here with ICE/STUN and TURN which if you don’t already know about you need to talk with Polycom on why this is so important. It opens up so many opportunities for expanding collaboration not just to Lync clients but also other HDX end devices that it’s worth the time and effort to look.

Plantonics Blackwire 420 – One of the best Lync compatible wired headset available right now. It’s a solid headset that travels great and gives great sound quality. Has a soft travel case to boot.

Jabra Speak 410 – New to the market, this is a neat USB speaker phone. A compact unit which comes with a soft travel case, finally. ***Note to vendors*** -- if it’s meant to be portable no matter what the USB device have it come with a soft travel cover.

Ebeam Edge – As you probably saw in my last post this is a great collaboration whiteboard tool that can be paired with Lync. Although there is no current direct integration it doesn’t really need it to be effectively used with Lync.

UGG Slippers – What can I say, they are really comfortable and I agree with Oprah, they are great. Yes, I am recommending slippers, got a problem with that? I told you I was going beyond certified devices.

Things that didn’t make the list but expect to be there in 2011:

Windows 7 Phone – I haven’t got mine yet but will in the coming year. Plenty of my work peers have it and love it, even a few iPhone converts. Looking forward to Lync integration as well.

Calisto 825 – A new USB speaker phone from Plantronics. Even has a lapel microphone. Sweet.

What’s your favorite or not so favorite device for 2010?



  1. Hey Chris, great top 10.
    Here are a few devices/things I liked this year:
    Exo PC - If you want a slate to run Lync and all of your favourite Windows applications, then this is a great device for $600.

    Lenovo S10-3T - If you need a keyboard with your slate, then you can't go wrong with this tablet netbook for under $600.

    Jabra Pro 6400 and 9400 Series - high end wireless headsets but great quality and a cool docking station with touch screen. The 9400 allows me to walk around the house, back yard, garage and stay on calls without missing a beat.

    Polycom CX3000 - Brings the conference room phone into the 21st century. Calendar integration for a conference room allows to check room availability when you are in the room, useful if your meeting overruns. Click to join conference feature takes usability to the next level.

    Plantronics Voyager Pro UC - almost the defacto standard for Bluetooth UC devices. Battery life is incredible. Although I don't use it as much now because of...

    In car Bluetooth connectivity. Although it's not a true "UC" device, I have found to be invaluable to me. I won't buy a car without it now. The integration in my VW CC gives me handsfree calling, phone book sync, speech control. I have had three people in the car and we had a mobile conference room!

  2. I'll have to second the CX3000 nomination. Polycom set the bar pretty high with this device.


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