Device Review: Jabra SPEAK 410

Since I listed it in my favorite things for 2010 it seems more than appropriate to have a review of this neat speaker phone. The Jabra SPEAK 410 has two great things going for it that I really like:

  1. Its compact and portable with a soft protective case
  2. It has some great visual indicators on it to show volume, mute, on hook and off hook.

As with all certified devices Lync picked up the device straight away and I was able to select it as my default audio device and begin using it. Super easy. The touch surface on the edge of the device is pretty responsive and works well even with my super dry hands which I sometimes have trouble with on touch devices. The 360 degree microphone works great and from everyone I know that is using this device no issues with dead spots with the microphone setup.

Time for some pictures. Below is the device after just being plugged in. The LED down the bottom shows it’s up and functional.


Next we have in a call.


My favorite, mute. Most other USB conference devices have a flashing indicator but this has a full set of red LEDs to indicate your on mute and the mute button is clearly indicated.


Lastly, changing the volume. This is really cool as well as most devices usually only have an up and down volume with no indicator of what the volume is. The SPEAK 410 lights up all the way around the device as the volume goes up. Very handy.


The only negative is the LEDs used as indicators could have been a little bit bigger but I am getting really picky since I found no other fault with this device.

As you have probably guessed by now I am a bit of a device freak and am constantly changing out the gear in my laptop bag. This one is definitely a keeper, well until something else perks my interest anyway.

Comments welcomed.



  1. 410 is my new speaker phone of choice, it's a great device. Couple of other additions to the review Chris. Although the sticker says certified for Lync it does work with OCS R1 and R2. Also the device has a a headphone jack that can take iPhone (and I assume other smartphone?) stereo headsets which enables a private call if required. Lets hope Polycom can respond with an update to their CX100 in 2011.

  2. I have the same opinion as Simon, its a really great audio device for the people always on the road. The other alternative was Polycom CX100 for me, but finally I got this one instead of the Polycom, and I am really satisfied with it.

  3. Agreed. I have had this device in my bag since before this post and haven't had another device come close yet. Thats a year of solid use with no issue and it just works really well even in some larger conference rooms.

  4. Recently I just noticed a small but annoying issue with my Jabra Speak 410: during high CPU load spikes, the device produces momentary clicking, scraping effects. This happens most frequently during watching Youtube videos (not even in HD!) with a recent version of the Adobe Flash player. I also noticed this under different conditions, when CPU usage wasnt near to 100%. Using Core2Duo laptop @2.1 Ghz, that should be enough for watching flash videos in parallel with audio sent to this USB speaker.


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