Back to the Future Part II Predicted Video in the Home

That’s right folks. Well before Cisco decided video was the new voice Back to the Future Part II was already telling us home video calling was the way to go.

Just stumbled across it this week as cable has all three episodes of BTTF movies on back to back every night. How did Hollywood know back in 1989 that video would be in every lounge room?


What's your favorite classic movie prediction that’s come true?

Happy New Year.



  1. favorite movie prediction coming or coming true?

    Minority reports. I thought we were getting there with Microsoft surface- then along comes kinect! Boom!

    Wow! Such a leap forward!

  2. I have never seen Minority Reports but your not the first person I have seen mention it in relation to Kinect. Must put it on my must watch.


  3. Oh my goodness you are so right! Wow this is funny. Great prediction. Video calling is definitely a helpful tool to have in today's world where travel is so expensive.


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