Kinect Hacks

Now, this isn’t exactly Microsoft endorsed but the KinectHacks website is interesting. It’s the beginning of an open source movement to take advantage of the Kinect any way they can. From sign language interpretation to other less upstanding activities for game interfaces (pretty sure I don’t need to spell it out) it has some great examples of what the open source community is doing to take advantage of the Kinect. One of the most interesting videos currently on the site is the story around the initial work done for Kinect divers. It took just 6 days for drivers to become available on Linux for the Kinect. Amazing stuff.

As far as UC related possibilities, the most interesting so far is the two Kinects working together rending 3D images. If you can imagine a conference room with a Kinect on each wall you could render a full 3D conference room and as some of the other videos show, you could potentially project yourself into the room. Very cool.

If you’re into technology then you are really going enjoy Kinect Hacks.

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