Project HDMI Switcher Part 4 - HDMI Switch and Final Thoughts

We are coming to end of this project and there are a few final adjustments to make to our HDMI switch. The HDMI switch for this project is the Atlona JUNO 451. This was the cheapest IP controllable switch I could find on Amazon. At just under $400 its not cheap but the alternatives were much closer to the $1000.

JUNO 451
Below are the settings we need to adjust on the switch. If you connecting a PC as one of the inputs ensure that HDCP is turned off. Also make sure to turn off the auto switch as this will now be controlled by our Touch 10.

Switch settings

One last thing to mention if you didn't notice in the previous post we are using HTTP and not HTTPS in control URL for our switch. This does mean enabling HTTP  on your codec. The JUNO switch didn't seem to support HTTPS. I guess a drawback of only being $400.

HTTP enable

Final Thoughts

This was a fun project and fairly easy. I could have covered it in one post but I think it's easier to consume a project over a number of posts and follow along. It is certainly much easier to write.

For the price the Atlona switch is awesome. One problem I ran into was the remote was dead on arrival. While I wasn't to concerned about it, it was a pain in testing that it didn't work. In saying that the project was a success and I use this setup in my home office.

The reason I decided to do project based posts on the blog is to help people find interesting stuff to build. Projects similar to the ones I have been blogging about need not be super intimidating as it first appears. There was really very little code to write and the UI on the Touch 10 was a simple panel with a few buttons.  There is a stark difference between coding sample hello world projects versus having things to build that provide actual value. You learn a great deal faster and and it is way more fun. Also these projects generally require a combination of hardware and software. Welcome to real life people, not every coding project is just a web server.

I hope your enjoying the recent project based posts I have been doing. There are loads more to come.


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