Project Busylight Part 1 - Setup

It is project time again. This time I am working on a very similar project as the recent Embrava BlyncLight project but using the Kuando Busylight Omega by Plenom. The folks over at Plenom have a great test program to get a Busylight sample to test out for free. For this project I am using the Omega Busylight pictured down below.

Initial Thoughts and Comparisons

Both products, the BlyncLight and Busylight, are similar but there are enough differences to allow you to distinguish the two products pretty easily. One thing I first noticed about the Busylight is that it's not a bright as the BlyncLight. It is more toned down due to the white casing it has. This is not a bad thing though as the BlyncLight could be considered to bright in some environments where the Busylight is less visually disruptive.

Plenom have been receptive to developers writing code to their product. While it was difficult to get Embravas help, Plenom have been phenomenal in helping me get setup with the right info and also releasing the USB API to help develop a node module. In my first take on the project though I am using a library from another developer but with the USB API it should be pretty easy to write my own. In typical nodejs style it is always easier to use something that is already out there first time around.

The busylight nodejs module install also requires node-hid. If you plan to use node-hid on a Raspberry Pi here are some useful instructions to get that running.

Here is a quick overview of the setup:

If you followed along on my previous project this probably seems all to familiar. So, along with using nodejs this time around instead of Python, to spice it up a bit more I am going to add some additional functions like recognising people count to turn the light purple. Now my wife will know I am in the office but not on a call. I am sure she will be impressed. Well, probably not.

Make sure to stick with me this should be a fun little project.



  1. You know... I'd really like to know how to get these BlyncLights to show status of UCCX agents... If they are not in ready mode (or in Non-ready, rather), it should blink a light.... Kind of public shaming i guess.

    1. If you contact Embrava they will give the access to their SDKs to build an app exactly how you want it to work. Off the top of my head I am not exactly sure how to pull agent presence from Finesse but I am sure there might be a way, it has a pretty rich set of API's.


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