Web Apps on Webex Board

If you have not seen the demo yet on how to do this see below:

This is a very cool new feature for Webex Board building upon digital signage. But let's take a closer look at my favorite the Macro. This new feature is enabled by the command "UserInterface WebView Display" which launches the browser on the Webex Board and displays the web app in the URL option provided.

Script used in the demo:

In Richards case he has used a button on the Webex Board to launch the web app but it could in fact be any function to trigger off the web app. Say at the end of the call you want to run a survey, you could launch a web app. Okay, that would be super annoying maybe you just want failed calls. If you wanted to keep a dashboard constantly up on the Webex Board when not in a call now using a macro you could potentially show any number of different apps using different triggers. So lots of cool stuff that's possible.

Quick tip. If launching a YouTube video use the following format for full screen:

https://youtube.com/embed/video ID goes here?autoplay=1&controls=0

See example script below.




  1. I could see some good usage for that. For a public space, that could be used for digital signage while it's turned on just by using a state change trigger, so any time your device is about to go into half wake, you trigger that digital signage page and it goes to that instead and keeps the device awake.

    I'm not sure you'd want to always keep the device awake, though, it would be a power consumer if left on 24x7.

    1. That is true power consumption could be up if left on all the time. Not that I have looked but might be a way to put the device to sleep through a Macro and wake and reopen the web app in the morning.


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