VoIPNorm Updates and 2011 Year in Review

VoIPNorm Updates

In case you haven't noticed VoIPNorm has changed a little. After some issues with archived pages loading (thanks Google) I thought is was time to give the blog a good once over. Most of the changes are surface changes with no real operational differences to the blog. The background change, although its only a off the shelf Blogger background, really caught my attention. I really like the old school look and feel of English telephone boxes. I am not going to get philosophical or anything like that I just think they look cool and it fit the theme.

I think a refresh once a year is a good thing and there is no better time than right now. If you have any feedback on the blog or things that would help make the blog more accessible I am always open to suggestions. I always review all comments (and spam) and reply when I can.

VoIPNorm 2011 in Review

2011 was a big year for the blog. My gold standard for monitoring blog traffic has always been Statcounter.com. From as far as I can tell it’s the most accurate tool for measuring traffic. Below are some of the interesting stats I have pulled together from Statcounter and some other snippets.

Most viewed post of 2011. Obviously there is a great deal of interest around Avaya ACE and how it integrates into Lync. With over 65 comments and 100 tweets the post titled “What Avaya is not telling you about ACE” got a lot of coverage and hits (3700+). Its still averaging over 200+ hits a week.


Blog posts that disappointed. Overall I tried to mix it up this year and provide reviews of things I was doing or working on. Device reviews are generally not visited much. I am not sure if its because I suck at device reviews or people aren't  that interested. Insert sad face here Sad smile. For whatever the reason, suck or not, I will continue to review the latest Lync devices when I get them in 2012.

Most hits in one day. 926 hits and again it was the Avaya Ace post that was the cause of most of them. The comments seem to be the main reason people kept coming back. With Avaya execs, partners and customers all having their say it was an all in tech war. Even though it was a very short post it still managed to generate a lot of great discussion.

Greatest comments of 2011.

“A great bottle of white wine mixed with a wonderful bottle of red does not often yield even a drinkable rose.” – By Kevin Kieller

“I'm not sure why people are getting confused with what ACE actually is. It's not middleware” – By Joe Schurman (former Avaya exec)

“In my opinion there is currently no vendor in the marketplace today that can compete with Microsoft Lync on the desktop or Mac “ – By Joe Schurman (former Avaya exec)

Blog growth. The blog grew over 100% in popularity if hits is anything to measure that with. This is fantastic growth. I recently read another blogger complaining that Twitter did little to grow his blog traffic or his popularity. VoIPNorm’s blog growth was certainly aligned with my increased use of Twitter in 2011. The stats don’t lie. Along with multiple postings a week, Twitter helped see a surge in visitors to the blog.

The big spike at 4,046 was the Avaya ACE post.

Weekly traffic in 2011


Yearly view:


Thanks to everyone that read and commented this past year. I am sure 2012 will be filled with interesting stuff to blog about.



  1. I know devices aren't popular posts, however have you considered a post about Lync devices and Lync on Office 365?

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