My Favorite Things from 2011

Just like Oprah, I to have a list of my favorite things. There are a few exceptions, I don’t have a screaming manic audience and I am not going to give away everything in my list. Last year about his time I came out with my favorite things from 2011and just like last year I am going to expand my list this time way beyond Lync certified devices.

Kinect – Not really a UC product (yet) but I love my Kinect all the same. Still on the list 2 years running but still waiting for Xbox 360 interoperability with Lync. The future of Kinect seems endless with what’s coming out of the open source community now with full support from Microsoft, Kinect and any subsequent version have a long self life beyond just gaming.

Jabra Speak 410 – Another product that makes the list again this year, this is a neat USB speaker phone. A compact unit which comes with a soft travel case, finally. ***Note to vendors still*** -- if it’s meant to be portable no matter what the USB device have it come with a soft travel cover.

Plantonics Blackwire 435-M – Plantronics once again make the list with a slight variation on the 420. Another great headset from a great company and wouldn’t you know it they made sure it has a travel cover. Nice.

Windows Phone 7.5– On the list last year as something I was looking forward to. Well this time around I have it with Mango and Lync Mobile. Truly a unique device in the market and something I couldn’t live without. Thing I love the most is Facebook integration for uploading photos. I currently have the LG Quantum (I have a thing for slider keyboards).

Sennheiser DW Office – Look for a review coming shortly on this device. It is my office headset of choice right now and it is solid, very solid.

Polycom CX7000 – If you have seen one of these units demoed you know what I am talking about. I think it is one of the break through video conferencing units for companies looking to expand their Lync video conferencing deployments.

SkyDrive – I am using my Windows Live SkyDrive more and more and with integration into iPhone and WP7 it is a great cloud service. The service solved a lot of issues for me this year hence it makes the list.

AMC’s The Walking Dead – Zombies in a post apocalyptic world, need I say more.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – I love to grow vegetables at home and a great place to go and get you spring seeds is Baker Creek. All seeds are GMO free . This is a great family run company preserving the worlds gardening heritage.

What’s your favorite or not so favorite things from 2011?


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