Device Review: Sennheisier DW Office

Well another year has come and gone and new devices keep appearing all the time. I have had Sennheiser DW Office for about 4-5 months now and it is my primary headset when I am at home( FYI my home is my official office, I have no desk at a MSTF office. I am classified as a remote worker. The only MSFT real estate I have is a mail slot). I have been a little slow in writing a review for this device because its just sits on my desk and works which means I really don’t think about it to much.

Like any well built German product this headset just works. No fusing, no messing just works and I like that a lot. Sennheiser has a long history of building audio equipment so it really is no surprise that this is a well built product with some interesting style lines for the base. I thought the base was kind of strange when I first used the device but I can imagine an executive thinking it looks cool on their desk, which it does. The base also has plenty of weight in it which makes knocking it over pretty hard to do even when grabbing for the headset with one hand.

As with all Lync certified devices this works right out of the box. No additional software. The sound quality and device functions are as one would expect for a DECT headset with the added advantage of 350ft range. Although the range isn't exceptional for DECT the battery life is, with up to 12hrs of talk time or 100 of standby the longest of any certified wireless device.

I did have some issue with the ear hooks with this device and decided on using the head band. This isn't new for me as I have had similar issues with other devices from different manufactures before. I have odd ears or can’t work out how to use the ear hooks I am not sure which it is. Either way don’t let that put you off this very solid device. I also have customers using/testing this device and they, like myself, really like how solid this device has been.

The only issue I can possibly think anyone would have with this device is the cost. At $349 list this is on the high end for a headset but to be fair it is comparable to their competitors with similar products and going by list prices comes in a little cheaper than most.

As always here are the photos from my WP7 of the device I tested. Excuse the dust but at least it shows I didn’t pull it straight out of the package and it got some real air timeSmile

Office DW

Office DW2



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  1. I couldn't get this to work at all! Plugged it in out of the box and my calls get disconnected when trying to answer.

    Is there any dip switch settings I need to be aware of?