MSIT’s Lync “Dogfood” Deployment

Microsoft internal IT department has released this new Whitepaper on their Lync deployment that was used to displace 7 PBX’s. It has some great lessons learned and driving reasons behind the internal deployment of Lync.

Of course Microsoft were always going to deploy Lync internally but MSIT are pretty straight forward and honest when it comes to product feedback to Microsoft product groups and customers. They had a voluntary program for people to sign up as beta users. Over 28,000 signed up to be on the “dogfood” program which shows just how popular the features of OCS R2 had been internally.

As for me I have been on the MSIT Lync “dogfood” program since they launched. Having been through a number of upgrades as they moved from Beta to RTM code it really has been a successful program with great results. I haven't experience a single service interruption and considering I am a mobile worker rarely stepping into the office this is impressive.

If you get the chance check the whitepaper out. Its in point format so it’s a quick easy read.

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  1. Chris, your experience as a dogfood user of Lync is very inconsistent with everyone I've had an opportunity to talk with at Microsoft. I no longer work there but stay in touch with many who do. People were pulling their hair out over dropped calls, lack of dial-tone, inconsistent quality and just plain confusion. It didn't get get any better as the product moved from betas to RCs to the eventual RTM version. Just trying to provide some balanced perspective.
    - Richardo

  2. Richardo,

    Not sure who you are in contact with or sure what your motivation is but certainly this isnt the expereince I have encountered or most of the people I have worked with have expereinced. MSIT satisfaction scores are higher than they have ever been which says to me there types of issues are isolated. There are always going to be issues with a large rollout no matter what the technology is and I just hope the folks you mentioned reported these issues to MSIT through the feedback facilities available to them.


  3. hi Chris, the link to the whitepaper doesn't seem to work any more. would you happen to know the updated link? if not, might you still have a copy that you can share with me? thanks a ton!