How Many Phones is to Many?


Even though most people have no need to have four phones registered to Lync on their desk at the same time I seem to have found it useful. Mainly for the purpose of demoing when remote over video with either Lync or Live Meeting. I currently have the Polycom CX600, Aastra 6725ip, SNOM 370 (only the 300 version is currently certified for OCS/Lync) and LG-Nortel 8540. Even thought he LG-Nortel version of the Tanjay is no longer with us the form factor is still available from Polycom as the CX700.  I have all these phones registered to Lync from my home back to Microsoft(no VPN required). All these phone models support STUN/TURN and ICE for traversing the Lync Edge. So other than an internet connection at my house I have no specific hardware deployed other than the phones and Lync Edge.

This really highlights two great areas. Multiple points of presence and the growing endpoint choices for Microsoft UC.  The fact I can setup a phone at home with no need to do anything other than plug it in and register to Lync is a powerful thing.

Expect to see more partner announcements coming with the world wide launch of Lync on November 17th.


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  1. well I am sure you don't need 20+ different types with incremental features between them! Cisco have so many line extensions its difficult to pick your way through all of them.

    When I was a telecoms manager 3 was enough- a super-duper one for execs, mid-range for managers, and the rank and file got a low end one.

    Why you need such a confusing choice from Cisco is beyond me!


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