SNOM Compatible with Lync/OCS R2

In case you haven’t already seen it the SNOM 300 has been certified to work with OCS R2/ Lync. The program that SNOM has certified under (“other compatible IP phones”) is not to be confused with Optimized phones that will work with Lync from Polycom and Aastra. This is the first sub $120 dollar Open Standard SIP phone to certified against OCS/Lync.

Well done to SNOM for their continued commitment to work with Microsoft and make this happen.

From the website:

“Standard SIP phone that run snom software and is interoperable with Lync (no gateways required). It is tested to perform basic call functionalities, provide security and manageability through 3rd party software.”



  1. For the price, it's a great little phone.

  2. Hi, I use the snom 300 with OCS R2 and Lync perfectly, but do you know if is posible use this with CUCM 7.x??

  3. Seeing as SNOM is an Open SIP Standards based phone I would say yes but it requires the correct amount of DLU's from Cisco depending on whether you set it up as basic or advanced SIP end device.

  4. hum, just testing snom 300 with lync. It seems it does not support media bypass. When bypass is enabled, rtp still go through mediation server. It is ok but I had strange behavior if a lync client is logged in with the same username and in this specific media bypass environment. Frequently I cannot hear the other party (while I can be heard) until I hold/resume the call. Snom does not get any RTP packets. Mediation server does, I traced, and it says it fails to unprotect rtp packet. If I hold/resume, then it is working.
    I have not noticed the issue with bypass disabled or when snom is the only device registered for this user.


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