Communications Server 14 Roles Based Access Control

Doing demo blog posts are some what difficult without having to post every single screenshot, but I am going to have a go anyway. This is another popular request from customers in regards to getting better system control for Communication's Server. How do I let the correct Administrator get access to the correct configuration so they can do their job?

In CS 14 this has been solved using Roles Based Access Control similar to that used in Exchange and other Microsoft platforms.


As you can see in screen shot above I am adding my test user to the security group named CSVoiceAdministrators (all the new Admin roles begin with CS in the beta which makes it easy to find them).


Once this has taken effect in Active Directory the Voice Admin will have limited access to only voice configuration in CS 14 as shown in the screenshot below. This is both for the Web Admin interface and PowerShell commands.


Of course these screen scraps are all of the early beta so the RTM look my be somewhat different but you get the idea.


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