Communications Server 14: Web Conferencing

One of the new features in CS 14 I have been trying to take advantage of recently is the ability to do Web Conferencing from a browser. That statement in itself seems a little so what. But with CS 14 the web experience is much improved across different browsers.


The first screen shot shows the new Lobby functionality. As you can see Donald Duck is waiting for entry into the meeting but because he is external to my organization he is place into the lobby. This functionality is fully controllable and can be set to allow unauthenticated users to join but I like the control.


The shot above shows me in the process of sharing as well as Donald now in the meeting. There are a number of options and with having two screens attached to my PC I can easily select which monitor to share.


This next screen shot shows Donald in the meeting and I am sharing my screen with him. Although you can not see my screen with this shot the arrow across from Donald's name shows he is part of the sharing session.


The last shot shows Donald on his device viewing the meeting using the Firefox browser. You can also see he is looking at his options to join the meetings audio. Option 1 allows him to have the system call him on his number or option 2 provides the dial in details.

Even though I have not covered all the options here you can start to see the new meeting experience has some big improvements not just for PC users but for MAC and Linux as well.

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