Microsoft V Cisco End User Experience

It’s been no secret of late that these two have been head to head in an all-out marketing war. In fact right here on VoIPNorm, I have been knocking down a few of the interesting (incorrect) things Cisco has been saying about OCS. Here, here and here.

So in the spirit of competition (which my job wouldn’t be nowhere as interesting without) here is an interesting video based on the current release from Microsoft and Cisco around the end user experience.

Yes, this is a video produced by Microsoft, just want to make that perfectly clear.

Here is another similar end user experience video available on Showcase.

Call Forwarding:

This is the video I have posted here, available on Showcase.


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  1. Oh man, this was low.

  2. So doing a direct comparison is normal course of direct competition. Doing a paper on a yet to be released version of a competitor’s product (as Cisco have been circulating to their customers about wave 14) in my opinion is pretty low, but hey its business and its a tough competitive world out there. Getting a leg up on the your competitors is going to reach a new level this year and next, at least these videos (although undeniably biased towards MS) are based on released products and not speculation.

  3. Nicely done! The IT role is changing, end users consumer experiences set the mark. Why should something be as complex to use? If it's complex to use it won't get used! What a waste of money that is! IT departments need to capture the needs of the end users and make decisions on based on their requirements.

    You can't pass on the complexities of administration into the hands of the end users! Guess companies either want to protect the past or invest in the future. I know where I would put my dollars! :-)

  4. It would be low if it wasn't true. As a customer that it on CallManager 4.2 I can tell you the end user experience is as bad as the administration experience!

    Maybe that is why we are now considering OCS instead of Cisco "unified" "communications" manager.

  5. @Anonymous: the current version of Cisco "unified communications manager" is 8.0. I would believe the end user experience, as well as the administration experience, have greatly improved since 4.2. At the time oc CallManager 4.2 MS did not have all that much experience on UC anyway.

  6. I actually don’t think the admin experience or the end user experience for this feature has changed all that much other than integrating the Mobility feature directly into the CUCM console itself. Why do I say that? If you check out the video below for the admin experience you will see what I mean.

    SNR Admin experience

    This video was not created by MSFT. This is very similar to 4.x other than the fact it was integrated into CUCM (6.0 and beyond) directly rather than a separate box.

  7. i think both are tough. i need some information about Cisco 642-812 exam. help me to find..

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  9. I have two questions.
    1)Is there a link for the Cisco paper on Wave 14, if so can you post? I'm interested in their view.
    2)What's happening with CUCIMOC? The hype has somewhat died down.

  10. 1)Check Cisco's website.
    2)I think the hype has died down because people realized what CUCiMOC had to offer wasn't what it was cracked up to be when compared to the enduser expereince offered by OCS/Lync. In saying that I am sure there will be plenty of hype around CUCiLync (or what ever they call it) when its released.


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