Device Review: Plantronics Blackwire 420

This last week or so I was lucky enough to receive a Platronics Blackwire 420. This is a wired USB dual earpiece headset. I am a big dual ear headset fan due to some industrial deafness from a previous life working as an electrician and in the military where I spent a lot of time working in noisy environments (that and loud heavy metal concerts in my youth). That makes it hard for me to discern conversation from background noise. Although the Blackwire isn’t specifically designed for someone with such a problem it certainly goes a long way to blocking out background noise without totally removing it(although when I was listening to music it did block out my wife trying to talk at me, no comment :-)). This may have something to do with the larger than normal earpiece which is well padded and also extremely comfortable.

This week I was on the road so of course the Blackwire came with me on its first road trip. I am currently using the beta Communicator 14 Client and the headset worked seamlessly. I actually had someone on a call ask what headset I was using because of how clear I was. The headset also comes with a neoprene travel bag (this is a great option) , which because of the swivel earpiece lies pretty flat in your bag. So although it doesn’t pack up very compact area wise it is flat making it easy to slide into a laptop bag.

The controller is pretty well laid out and doesn’t leave you guessing what each button does.

It also comes with a bunch of audio related features like wide band support and full range high fidelity stereo that do give it great audio quality not just for using with Communicator but also more general use like listening to music.

I have only been using the Blackwire the last week or so but it is fast becoming my go to device out of a whole draw full of devices. Quite literally I have an excess device problem (last count was about 12 different devices). So if you are like me and always on the hunt for a better headset the Blackwire will certainly be a step in the right direction.

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