OCS Mediation Server serving up Caller Name

This has been a popular topic on the TechNet forums.The OCS mediation server previously stripped out the caller name from inbound and outbound calls that pass through it. Now with the latest OCS R2 patches, this feature has been implemented and I am here to testify that caller name is now passed inbound and outbound. Even though the Kb article outlining the changes to the mediation server do not mention the feature, the changes are certainly in there. Inbound the caller name appears in the toast that appears on the inbound call but it is not displayed in the call window.

The mediation server requires upgrading with the patches. This will automatically enable inbound caller name. Outbound caller name requires a .conf file. See the KB article here for creating the required file. The file creation and insertion is simple but it is required on every mediation server in your network you require caller name.


  1. Hi Chris,

    We have OCS R1 Front-End, Mediation, Dialogic, Avaya S8500 PBX. I have Line URI for a OCS Client as tel:+87766 (We want to use 87766 as the OCS Number for that person). But when we make call from OCS Client to PBX Side Phone, i am not getting the Calling Party Number.

    What could be wrong?


  2. Hi Sarva,

    This sounds like a gateway or PBX issue. Not knowing the full details is a little hard but I would post this in the Technet Forums I have posted a link for in this post. Provide as much details as possible including the whether you are using Qsig for the trunk between your dialogic and you 8500. Calling party number may be limited by what trunking type you are using ie fxs or fxo.

    Also if these aren't just private extensions you may want to consider moving to E164 format for your extensions. Just a thought.



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