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Recently I had the job of upgrading some very early beta versions of the Tanjay from Polycom and LG-Nortel. This was a trying process but there were some very valuable blog resources that I used to help get me through it. The new update service is really a blessing as these devices had been left the way they were because frankly the old way of upgrading them with the SharePoint server was a pain and I never committed enough time to get it working. With the new upgrade service available, I felt it was time to take a look at both the R2 update service and the new R2 OC Phone Edition software.

I won’t go through my process blow by blow but I really want people to be aware of these great resources for upgrading beta software for the phone edition if you hadn’t seen them before. First off is Rui Silvas Blog "UCspotting" and in particular three entries that pertain to upgrading beta software:

The OCPhone Update Wars: The Return of the LG-Nortel 1.0.199

Note: One thing I noted that wasn’t mentioned in Rui’s post was when the LG-Nortel phone was at the interim upgrade point the phone went to the initial configuration screen where you calibrate the screen. Not until after you do this does the upgrade process continue to the latest version you have released. This may have been an issue that only I have experienced, but it happened on all the LG-Nortel phones I upgraded.

How to upgrade Polycom CX700 1.0.452.0 using the OCS 2007 R2 Device Update Service


Note: Rui mentions in this entry that he didn’t require WINS to perform the upgrade but I certainly found I needed to have the UCUpdates entry available in WINS for it to work.

Troubleshooting OCS 2007 R2 Device Update Service for Communicator Phone Edition


Three great blog posts that without I would have been truly stuck in the weeds.

The last one is from the OCS team on OC phone edition error codes.

Another handy resource.

You may have noticed in my blog entries I point to the work of others that have helped me a great deal rather than just reprint it here. I find sometimes in the blogosphere people reprint the work of others without giving credit or direction to where they found it. For me its not about the credit or reprinting the material that I could just link to but helping others find the right resources that are worthy of a mention. My2cents.

Anyway, as I always sign off on TechNet. I hope this helps:)

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