VoIPNorm’s top ten UC predictions for 2009

It’s that time of the year (okay, so maybe I am a little late) that everyone seems to be coming out with top ten predictions for 09 so I thought I would come up with a few of my own on the not so serious side.

Starting at number 10...

10. There will be more prediction lists for 2010 than 2009. With the economy on the down side predictions for 09 are way down.

9. Apple will launch a UC application called the iUC. No one will care what it does but you know everyone will want it.

8. The new US President will get to keep his Blackberry once he takes office even against advice from security personel.

7. Free Open Source software will be the only growth industry for anything as budgets tighten.

6. A company will somehow use an ATA, an analog phone and maybe some string to create the first UC enabled analog device.

5. Due to the downward economy the traditional PBX will make a comeback as a UC enabler.

4. Someone from Cisco will make the claim that Microsoft’s UC solution has to many servers and someone from Microsoft will claim Cisco’s UC solution has to many applications, all this will happen at VoiceCon.

3. Microsoft and Cisco UC divisions will put their differences behind them after VoiceCon.

2. A hardware vendor will make the claim they are a software company.

and finally number ...

1. Someone somewhere is going to create a UC application that has nothing to do with UC at all

If you have a not so serious top ten prediction please post a comment.

For a more serious look at the UC industry, Gurdeep Singh Pall from Microsoft has released his top ten predictions. I especially like his number one prediction. It certainly is time to take some of the marketing out of UC and leave only real UC products on the shelves.

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