Google Mobile in MOC Custom Tabs

While I was looking for new ways to utilize MOC custom tabs, I come across Google mobile search. It works pretty well inside of a MOC custom tab. Its light format and ability to fit the tab environment works well.

I am sure this application is not to everyone’s taste when you can just open a web browser to get the full thing. I was working on a demonstration for MOC custom tabs, and being the lazy sod that I am, I was looking for some readymade content. This fitted the bill nicely without too much effort. Below is the xml update you will require for the page to appear. I haven’t created an icon in a png format yet so that will have to wait.

< tab>
<image>Create your own icon.png</image>
<tooltip>Google Mobile</tooltip>

To make changes on the fly I host the xml file on my PC. Not a great way to deploy an enterprise but good for testing.


  1. Hi,

    I am able to link and access to internal websites, but cannot access external such as

    Do you know what I am doing wrong? I tried to use the above xml code.


  2. Sites you want displayed in custom tabs need to added as a trusted site in IE.


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  4. Hi Chris,

    I already tried that once, but I probably made another mistake at that point, because it works now! Thanks ;-)

    I bookmarked your blog - exiting reading!



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