Cool Communicator Gadgets for Vista

I am new to gadgets but I found these Communicator gadgets for Vista that I thought I would try out. The first is from CodePlex. It keeps track of you favorite contacts as well as your top 5. It also allows you to check voice mail if you are using Exchanges Unified Messaging. I like this one a lot. I have about 50 contacts in my buddy list but I really only use 4 or 5 regularly so it’s a really nice enhancement.

The second one I found, thanks to Jeff Schertz blog, is a gadget by Dmitry Polzin. This is a handy gadget for those that typically have a lot of simultaneous conversation windows open at the same time along with other clutter that is in the taskbar. This makes finding the conversation window you want a little easier. This is also a common complaint I get from users. Both seem to work fine with MOC 2007 R2 (RTM) also.

One thing I also like about this gadget is it can be dragged on to the desktop. At the moment I am trying both out to see which one is the more useful and will stay long term.

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