CE-Deploy 3.0 Updates

Time for  a quick update on CE-Deploy after the holiday's. The last few months have been a very productive time as I have added a bunch of new features. I have also had a name change to CE-Deploy 3.0 versus sticking with Cloudy CE-Deploy as a separate app.

 CE-Deploy 3.0 will have both cloud and local admin account functionality built in. This means  you will be able to configure cloud based devices through the cloud xAPI (Command and Status for now) and also on-premise and cloud through local admin access directly on the device. See the screenshot above of local admin device access. 

Along with porting all local admin device functions over to the 3.0 application I have also added the ability to do free form xAPI commands for local admin. This should be really helpful when testing commands or just doing some configuration that you need to bulk deploy in a pinch. Recently I had a customer that needed to do bulk reboots of endpoints. This worked a treat.

A list of the new things I have added recently:
  • Local and Cloud in one tool.
  • OBTP simulator for local devices
  • Integrations settings so you can use your own cloud integration (still testing) for cloud xAPI
  • Cloud xAPI branding and wallpaper deployment (that's right wallpaper!)
  • Endpoint restore using a backup file for local admin
  • Single endpoint deployment(no need to use a CSV of IP addresses for one device)
  • Create CSV for of device ID's for cloud
  • Better messaging in the message console and logging of errors
  • Error reports(coming in the next build).
That's it for now.


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