Cloudy CE Deploy Update

Just a quick update on Cloudy CE-Deploy. 

One thing I noticed missing from the original CE-Deploy application was the ability to guide the user through the settings and not giving any feedback. This time around I am adding some new features that help admins work out what fields are needed to deploy. Basic UI features like tool tips, alerts and notifications. The cool part is that many of these features are easily enabled and controlled with Electron. I have come to appreciate what Electron and Bootstrap have available to make better applications. 

Features to date:
  • Oauth Webex Integration
  • Deploying a command or status via cloud xAPI
  • Use CSV of device ID's, individual Org ID, Tag or device ID to deploy to either lots of devices or just one
  • UI updates to include future supported features like Macro upload
  • Alerting user to missing information
  • OS notifications on deployment completion
  • Message console display to provide deployment information in progress versus having to refer to logs after the fact.
As the application gets closer to completion I will post up on Github as a public repository. This time around its based on the Electron Boilerplate. This has all the tools already built in to get a Electron project moving. Unfortuniatly some of the features I wanted to include like deploying a macro will not be available on first release due to API limitations but in time will come.

If you want to know more about this application come and join the conversation on Webex Teams here:


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