Part 2: Webex Board + Rasp Pi + BlyncLight = Python Dicts and Lists

So following on from part 1, today was spent going through Python tutorials on dealing with dictionaries and lists and how to create actions with the feedback data from a Collaboration endpoint. While I ended up with a working solution I am sure it is nowhere near optimal. Searching for a nested value in a dictionary that is in a list which has another dictionary had it complications. I managed to narrow down call status get events to:

{'Status': {'Call': [{'id': 53, 'Status': 'Connected'}]}}

Below is part of my solution for dealing with nested endpoint response:

Feel free to suggest improvements to the code in the comments below. Let us call my solution so far crude but effective. Obviously this is not all of it but I will present the rest when I am done.

Finally today I have started preparing my Pi to run my new Python code. This is a very useful tutorial on get your Pi running the right version of Python 3.7.


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