Part 1: Webex Board + Rasp Pi + BlyncLight = No Code

This is the first update as I explore building a new app to integrate a BlyncLight to a Webex Board.

Day one has been a bit of a bust really. While I have at least certified I have a working BlyncLight this has turned out to be much harder than I first envisioned. While looking into this project I did  look online to see if people had used Nodejs with BlyncLight before and indeed they had. While this is valid code for older BlyncLights, newer updated lights have since changed the 9 byte command word used to operate the light. This seems pretty straight forward but this command word description is not something the BlyncLight people just hand out.

The only SDK officially supported is written in Objective C and while there are probably quite a few of you that might be comfortable in the world of C I am not one of them. I did however find a nice Python library that seems to work pretty well. I did try to reverse engineer this library a bit to see if I could at least make headway working out what the command word should be but it was to no avail.

So my new task is now to learn Python and create an application worthy of gracing the pages of this fine blog. If the BlyncLight support people get back to me with the command word I will also try to make a Nodejs version of this application as well.

To date I have managed learn enough Python to:

  • Turn the light on and off
  • Change the light color
  • Use a CE library to create a websocket for feedback from a CE endpoint.
All-in-all not to bad, but I was expecting to have the first run of code already done. Still I stay committed to have something done in at least one language. If all goes poo poo my last resort is to learn Objective C and use the SDK but lets hope it doesn't come to that.


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