VoiceCon Poll

Now that we have had a week to absorb the announcements at VoiceCon it is time to vote on the leading vendors to see who came out on top. If you think I missed an important announcement in the list let me know and I will add it to the options. The poll will run for a week or so.


  1. Poll does not work for me. That's what you get for using a Google property ;)

    My opinion:

    MS CS "14": in spite of "teaser" like announcement, wins the prize for consistency of message and delivery, innovation, relevance, potential... and economics as illustrated by the VoiceCon RFP ("OCS is cheaper than even the free PBX (Digium's Asterisk)"

    Cisco Pulse and IME: congratulations, catching up to the notion of federation, albeit 5+ years late; wins the prize for making Gurdeep look good when he said at a previous VoiceCon that some people can be 3 years ahead in the wrong direction...

    Avaya Aura: at long last a somewhat credible response by a traditional PBX player to Cisco CallManager... but wait, was it not already announced at VoiceCon in... 2009? I guess they get the prize for milking announcement for a full year and two consecutive VoiceCons!

    Siemens Openscape: hands down, prize for best copying of OCS features (team routing, boss admin, attendant console...); just a bit late I am afraid... Frankly, at a time where the Siemens Group has divested its controling interest in Siemens Enterprise Networks, it's hard to imagine SEN having more than niche potential in the short term...

    Bottom line: the prize goes to VoiceCon which has eventually realized that the future is UC... Another validation for Microsoft's strategy.

  2. Thanks for the feedback on the poll. Seems like it was a bit of dud to use the google provided snap-in. I have to look into an alternative for next time.

    Nice response, albeit somewhat biased I am sure:) Agreed that VoiceCon has finally realised the direction change of the industry. Hopefully this is more than just a name change.