OCS User Training and Adoption materials

This is always on the top of the list when talking to customers who are planning on using UC. Below are a couple of resources that companies can use to help with that area. In particular I really like the rolodex. It has material for all the different features in OC and other UC clients including the console attendant and group chat .It can be setup in your own environment customized to the features and clients you have deployed.

Adoption & Training Kit: http://www.microsoft.com/communicationsserver/r2-adoption-and-training-kit/default.html

The Microsoft Unified Communications 2007 R2 Adoption and Training Kit provides resources and guidance for IT Professionals, Helpdesk and Support Professionals, and Trainers to support end-users who use Microsoft Unified Communications Technologies. Content includes:

•IT Pro - Planning Checklist, Benefit Statements, E-Mail Campaign Samples, Success Metrics Examples, and User Education Materials
•Helpdesk - Planning Checklist, Frequently Asked Questions, and Troubleshooting Guides.
•Trainer - Planning Checklist, Quick Reference Cards, Tips and Tricks Flash Cards. How-to's, Getting Started Tours, and Web-based Tutorials and Training

Silverlight Rolodex: http://stage.xcarab.com/microsoft/rolodex/

To download the rolodex to setup in your own environment:


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