Wave 14 Resources

It is early on but here are some publicly available resources for Microsoft’s Communications Server “14”. With links to Gurdeep’s keynote and the VoiceCon RFP, it is worth checking out.


The next link is Microsoft's VoiceCon RFP response with Wave 14. Noteworthy are the mentions of branch survivability, E911, Call Admission Control and new IP phone devices. Also of interest are the answers to the Call Center section. Although Aspect’s Unified IP was used to answer some of these questions, a large portion can be solved using OCS Response Groups which is included in the licensing cost of OCS ECAL.


Having seen a few telephony RFP’s during my career this is pretty standard template that VoiceCon have chosen to use and doesn’t really address unified communications. Hopefully next year with the name change to Enterprise Connect, telephony will be part of the all-encompassing UC RFP.


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