VoiceCon Day 2: VoIPNorm Hits the Microsoft Booth

Unfortunately today I have no photos to share but I hit the Microsoft booth to do demos for customers. Being the first time I have done this as an exhibitor it was a truly tiring experience and I have a greater appreciation for the people that man the booths at these types of events. Basically, it was nonstop talking and demoing for the 3 hours I was there. It made the time pass quickly but in the end I was beat.

The only session I attended today was the Cisco keynote. IME was one of their big announcements which was kind of underwhelming for those more familiar with federation which has been around for the last five years or so. Basically, its kind of like federation but with telephone numbers and intelligent call routing. From what I could gather it was for audio and video only but I could be wrong. It was a very high level presenation as you would expect so I am sure more details will follow after the annoucement today.

Tomorrow (which by the time I post this will be today, somewhat of a late night) Microsoft will be doing their keynote and I promise to get more photos up.

Till Tomorrow.


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