OCS Response Group in Action

I am a big fan of the response group application. Although this by no means replace a full blown call center application, what it does provide is a low cost replacement for ACD applications that are housed usually on messaging systems like Unity and Octel. In my case these ACD’s are housed on an Octel that is no longer manufacture supported and we need a replacement solution. Not only do response groups replace what was available on the Octel voicemail system but it extends the functionality by being able to use group mailboxes and presence to contact agents. It also allowed the employees to be free from the TDM system they were on and now they can work remotely.

This real life response group ties together a few things I have talked about here on the blog, such as nesting workflows and using a group mailbox for voicemail. The reason the second workflow was required is that if someone rings out of business hours (OOBH), customer support still wants the user to be able to make a choice of either calling the enterprise help desk that is supported 24x7 or just to leave a message for direct product support. Doing it this way opens more options down the road for the customer as far as routing out of hours.

The group was extremely happy with the outcome of this application because they see it reducing their response times to out of hour’s requests and better managing their workload between staff members without having to spend a lot of money on a more complex call center application.

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