Exchange 2010 UM, first look at OCS integration

I am not going to go to deep into the features but more just wanted to comment on the experience with OCS integration. Not too much has changed since 07 as far as the setting up the integration goes and once we got it working it seems to be working well. One area that caught me out was a new setting available in the server setup where you assign the UM dial plan to the UM server. Server startup mode must be set to dual if you are integrating to OCS and PBX’s.

Since I am not an Exchange administrator in the organization I work for I was assigned the new UM management role. It is limited on what this role can do and you can’t complete the actual setups to fully setup a new UM dial plan as it does not allow you to assign the UM dial plan to a server. But still this is a step in the right direction and the more separation of duties in a large organization the better they will be allowed to manage work load among staff without giving full admin rights to a user who’s only responsibility is UM.

All in all it looks like some nice improvements have been made in Exchange 2010. Next steps for me is PBX integration and native MWI setup. Should be interesting.


  1. Would this mean I can assign the same mailbox to a pbx phone extension as well as OCS communicator sipURI?

  2. This is required on a UM server that supports both TCP and TLS dialplans. So for instance if you have both OCS and a PBX integrated that doesnt use TLS you will require the dual setting on the server. This doesnt mean that the same mailbox can exist under two different dial plans.

    A user can be a member of only one UM dial plan.


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