Ring Back Workaround by Doug

Doug is one of the leading OCS consultants at Microsoft that I had the pleasure of working with on our OCS project where I work. I was fortunate to have Doug working with me, as he was able to create a MSPL script that solved one of our biggest issues regarding simultaneous ringing. The issue stemmed from a lack of call signaling that was coming from another IP PBX system that OCS was connected to via a gateway. I really like Doug’s blog entry on this subject because it shows the power of OCS’s development capabilities to overcome the issue of another platform it can interoperate with.

While on the subject of OCS, last night I had the opportunity to attend the NW UC Doers meeting. It was a great meeting with lots of open conversation about OCS development with representation from both Cisco and Microsoft at the same user group meeting. Something you do not see every day I am sure. Duncan Blake from Unify Square presented and talked about OCS development using MSPL . Any way, my thanks to Josh Maher for organizing another informative meeting.

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