Response Group Part 4: Two-level Interactive Template

For the last installment in this series I had to break down the diagram into sections to make it more readable.The two-level interactive template is very similar to the one level but as you would expect, another level is added, duh. I will let the diagrams do the explaining.

Diagram one shows the entry point to the response group for the caller.

Diagram two takes us to the results of the first and second level IVR.

Diagram three represents the agent queues for all levels.


  1. Chris, great Post.
    Important to mention is, that if you decide to deploy a two-level interactive template, you have to ask at least one second (level) question. You can not use the template to ask four questions and then queue the call for agents.

  2. Thanks for sharing that info Marcus. You are absolutly correct and I have included a reference:


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