Response Group Part 3: One-level Interactive Template

Third in this series of blog posts, we are really getting to the more complex scenarios. One level interactive RG’s add the IVR style menu options that can be a voice response to set questions. As the diagram shows, this is building on the enhanced hunt group. Sure, this will not cover every requirement you may have for IVR style ACD but then again it is not supposed to either. I know where I work this type of ACD is popular on the more traditional systems and this level of complexity would cover 80% of all our requirements. The more complex IVR and ACD requirements are best left on a specialized platform like OCS 2007 Speech Server or Cisco IPCC Express for example.

What I really like about the Response Group feature is the ease of setup. Too often with simple Hunt Group and ACD requirements the complexity to get things working and needing to know scripting languages can be painful when something with the website interface setup will do.

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