Tandberg Integration Continued…

This week I have been working with the video guys to get our Tandberg VCS system integrated to OCS. We have had mixed success so far with call control working but media failing when calling from OCS to Tandberg. We are waiting on Tandberg to take a look at some of our log information to see if they can shed any light on it for us. Personally, I think we need to move our version on the VCS to 4.1, which I believe, may solve some issues and make the integration work a little better. This may take some time to accomplish but for now, we are stuck with our limitations. Although TLS seems to work no problems, SRTP is an issue for the Tandberg side of the house no matter what version of VCS but I have heard a rumor that there is a fix on the way for this.

I had hoped that this integration was going to be a little tighter and easier to get working but it is what it is right now. This is an interesting thread from a VTC forum that I can echo some of the setup problems with this integration. I will update this post when I get any further.


  1. Post update:

    Today we recieved news from Tandberg that 4.1 firmware is required for the VCS to be compatible with OCS R2 (something I neglected to mention in my orignal post). I will post again once we get the update in place and moved along with our testing.

  2. How has it gone?
    I have upgraded firmware f8.0 at MXP and to 4.1 at VCS. The integration works fine with OCS 2007 R2 but when a MXP is in call I still get the presence of the system as available.
    It works fine to both call to and from OCS users from MXP

  3. Hi Henrik,

    We have deployed 4.1 in the lab but I have been unable to return to working on it due to other thngs popping up. I will try to catchup on the subject though in the coming weeks as it has been the most commented subject I have blogged about (not that I have had a millon comments but still more than other:-)). Glad to hear that 4.1 has solved a few of the outstanding issues. Our largest issue however is encrypted media which will hinder us until a fix is available beyond 4.1. There is so little info about this out there its certainly worth my time to do a followup. Thanks for your comment as well, its much appreciated.


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